We may be best known for our innovative stock plans but it's the custom projects that often give us the most satisfaction! This division always has a number of these going at any given time and here we'd love to showcase a few of the more notable ones. Check back often as we plan to add to this collection over time. Sometimes, after we complete a custom project, the resulting design may show obvious potential as a stock plan and be added to our portfolio. Our customers are made aware of this possibility at the outset. Often when we do this, the plan is modified slightly to make it more universal in nature. An example of this is the home shown here, which we designed for the 2003 Portland Street of Dreams; it became our plan 1410 after some minor changes to make it more suitable for a less steep site. More often, however, these custom designs are so site specific, or the customer's needs so unusual, that the resulting designs are not marketable. A good example: one of the homes featured here had a site so steep we were able to put an indoor basketball court directly below the garage; how often is that going to be possible!

What We Do


Innovative Designs & Economically viable solutions through accurate engineering, systematic approach and error free operations
We believe in thoroughly in analysis the client’s requirement to preparer outline proposal is which optimize and enhance their productivity
We Propose & Operate Producers for cost planning and control throughout a project
We provide comprehensive management & Delivery system of client’s projects which a sinle point of responsibility and information
We believe intreating every project as Our First and align Our Expertise with the client’s vision
We have developed expertise to serve you across the county.